Public Events

Performance in the park
Falls Park is a popular location for public events, from festivals and music to stage performances and benefits. All public events held in the park require a City Special Events Permit.

Special Event Permits

Individuals, organizations and agencies wishing to conduct public gatherings on City of Greenville property are required to obtain a permit. This includes: block parties, concerts, parades, carnivals, park events, races, road closings, performances, filming, ceremonies and festivals. A Special Event Permit Application must be filled out and returned 15 - 60 business days prior to the start of the event.

For further assistance please contact Special Events Manager Will Young at 864-467-4485.

Street Performance Permits

Individuals wishing to perform for gratuities on City owned or operated sidewalks, plazas, parks and other public spaces are required to obtain a street performance permit at least 24 hours prior to performing.

Street performance means acting, singing, playing one or more musical instruments, dancing, miming, juggling, unicycling, stilt walking, doing magic tricks, reciting, imitating statues and engaging in similar acts of entertainment.


Performances with flames or fireworks are excluded without written authorization from the City Fire Marshal.

Sharp Instruments

Performances with knives, daggers, swords and similar sharp instruments are excluded without written authorization from the Greenville Police Department.

Chalk Drawings

Performances with chalk drawings on sidewalks are excluded without written authorization from the City’s Public Works Department Director.

Live Animals

Performances with live animals are excluded.

For more information, please review the Street Performance Ordinance and Application, or contact the Special Events division at 864-467-4494.