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  1. Aug 15
  2. Geology of the Upstate

    "General Geology of the Upstate" Have you ever wondered how the rock outcrops and other geologic features that you see while driving or hiking around South Carolina formed, or how old they might be? Our guest speaker, Brian Grothaus, will examine the geology of the upstate, the basic processes involved, some of the rocks and minerals that are the products of these forces and how these forces have and continue to shape our state. Brian Grothaus is a retired geologist. He receiv...
  1. Aug 16
  2. Lucas Marchant Press Conference

    Press conference held for Lucas Marchant to make announcements about political campaign to public and media
  3. Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive presents The Lackies

    Weekly concert series hosted by Metropolitan Arts Council
  1. Aug 17
  2. Greenville Heritage Main Street Fridays presents Rock-n-Roll Reunion

    Weekly concert series hosted by the City of Greenville
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