Homeless Services

Keep your Change to Be the Change

The City of Greenville is partnering with United Housing Connections to offer a better way to help panhandlers.

Offering money to someone asking for help can keep that person trapped in the cycle of homelessness.

The Keep Your Change to Be the Change program is designed to funnel your generosity to organizations that can make a wide impact on the community.

There are signs with QR codes around the City's downtown and parks to make donating easy.

Make a Donation Now

United Housing Connections connects people experiencing homelessness with safe, sustainable housing and support services. By donating, you’re helping provide our community outreach teams with the funds they need to bring stability and lasting change to the lives of those living on our streets.

Panhandling Signs 2022

Your Donations Provide Lasting Change

Outreach programs tap into the work already being done in the community. These initiatives are designed to fill gaps in housing and services for people experiencing chronic homelessness who face barriers like substance abuse, mental illness or criminal records that prevent them from being stably housed.

Greenville’s outreach programs are designed to work with individuals one-on-one to overcome those barriers. One example is The Coffee Club, an ad hoc group of professionals representing more than two dozen agencies who meet weekly to help address the complex issues facing our citizens experiencing homelessness. 

UHC’s outreach team works alongside this group, as well as with city staff, law enforcement, citizens and business owners to find ways to stably house and support those living on our streets. At the center of the program is meeting people where they are with a message of hope, respect and dignity of choice, with the ultimate goal of connection to stable housing.


In June of 2021, the Greenville Homeless Taskforce was formed by UHC to bring together downtown merchants, homeless outreach service providers, city staff and citizens. 

The goals of these monthly meetings are to provide education on the issues surrounding homelessness, brainstorm solutions for issues merchants and citizens are facing as they interact with our homeless citizens and share our successes as we work to house those experiencing homelessness. 

The Taskforce meetings are held on the second Monday of each month via Zoom.  If you are interested in attending these meetings, contact COO Paulette Dunn at pdunn@uhcsc.org for more information.