City of Greenville Poet Laureate and youth Poet Laureate

The City of Greenville Poet Laureate and Youth Poet Laureate are honorary positions aimed at promoting literacy and literature among city residents of all ages. They may be available to read poetry or speak at public meetings, public venues, neighborhoods, community centers, schools and other public settings throughout the city of Greenville. 

Poetry book sitting in the grass

Poet Laureate Qualifications & Expectations

Poet Laureate Qualifications

In order to be considered for the position, applicants must be:

  • a resident of Greenville County
  • at least 18 years old
  • an active poet with a well-established body of published and/or unpublished work
  • a person who is comfortable with public speaking and who has engaged in other areas of community involvement

POET LAUREATE expectations

Once nominated, the Poet Laureate would be expected to:

  • participate in a minimum of five City of Greenville supported events each year
  • participate in a minimum of four Community Center afterschool or summer camp programs using the art of poetry to enlighten, educate and inspire emerging generations (one per center / four total)
  • compose a minimum of one commemorative poem per year related to a theme or topic integral to the City of Greenville
  • demonstrate a commitment to assuming a public role in promoting an increased awareness of poetry
  • engage in a mentor relationship with selected City of Greenville Youth Poet Laureate

application information

Five poems, two short essays, one letter of recommendation and one video of you reading your poetry will be required as part of the application.

* The application is now closed.