Gower Park Renovation

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Project Summary

Residents in the Gower Park neighborhood will soon see a major upgrade to a popular city park.

As part of a grant request for Gower Park renovations, the City received $500,000 from the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) through the office of the South Carolina Dept of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. 

The City was required to provide a 1:1 matching requirement, bringing the total cost of the park’s renovations - which includes a reconstructed 65,000-square-foot parking lot - to $1.4 million.

CP Builders won the bid and will be renovating the courts.

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August 2023

CP Builders has begun court work renovations. 

June 2023

CP Builders will be renovating Gower Park with a reconstructed 65,000 square foot parking lot and expanding the footprint of the courts by 9,000 square feet to include:

  • Two basketball courts
  • Three tennis courts
  • Ten pickleball courts 
  • Additional parking

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