Please explain the road diet on Elford being considered.

The proposed road diet for Elford Street involves reducing the number of travel lanes from four lanes to two lanes. This would allow room to consider amenities such as on-street parking and pedestrian and bicycle enhancements.   

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1. What are you doing to ensure that pedestrians can safely cross Academy Street?
2. What will be the impact on the Landmark building property? With the loss of a lane of traffic in that block, how do you plan to deal with the displaced traffic?
3. What about safety improvements for pedestrians at North Main and Academy?
4. Have you considered a diagonal crossing at College and Academy? What about a pedestrian bridge or tunnel?
5. Please explain the road diet on Elford being considered.
6. With the removal of the traffic signal on Elford, how will traffic entering Academy from Elford be addressed safely?
7. Why isn't a protected and dedicated bike lane being considered? SRT already has problems in high-traffic pedestrian areas.
8. How does this plan prioritize safety over traffic speed?
9. Are you considering elevated crossing walks, striping options, other materials to help slow traffic and protect the crosswalks?